From your home or local corner store to multi-million dollars futuristic businesses, for achieving.

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Glisten listens to customers and delivers worldwide innovative technology and business solutions .

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Audio Visual & Automation requirements are rapidly increasing in Pakistan as it will not only ...

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Who We Are


Glisten work for your; Profits, Business Reach & Richness, Progressive Security Solutions, Office Automation and Ease & Entertainment at Homes. We are current to emerging needs of all markets of Pakistan especially Lahore for Audio Visual & Automation, IT Infrastructure and Security & Control. Markets like Retail, Malls/Public Spaces, Hospitality, Residential, Royal Palaces, Corporate Entities, Production & Warehousing Facilities, Educational Institutions, Oil & Gas Sector, Military/Defense and Government are considered to be the backbone of any economy in this world. The same is the case with Pakistan, these sectors have directly contributed in the growth of region’s economy for decades and likely to continue & flourish. Accordingly, security system integration has directly contributed in the success of all these sectors depending on the operational dynamics of the sector. In recent days there is a surge in demand for integrated solutions across all markets and Glisten is very well equipped to cater that demand.

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Company Profile

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Office CCTV Deal
CCTV Packages
Cost Effective, Reliable Security solution for your homr/business.
Security Alarm
Security Alarm
GSM & PSTN burglar security alarm system for home and business..
IP Cameras
IP based cost effective reliable security camera for home..
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